Hard Choices...

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  1. Hi Ladies. I really want a black city Bbag as most of you are raving about them. However, I'm torn about which season to get. I really want a 2005 since I have heard great things about them. But it's hard to wait for one to come along that is in good condition, authentic, and fairly priced. Maybe I should get a 2007? However, how is the leather on those babies? Long story short, should I wait for a 2005 to come on eBay or should I go for the 2007 now? :shrugs: Sorry to be so long winded. Love the forum and the excellent advices from fellow Bbag lovers!
  2. I got an '07 and my leather is soooooooooo soft and smooshy. She is think and wonderful. If you really want an '05...hold out but the '07's are beautiful. Maybe you could request the ladies to post pictures of their '05's and '07's...I'll try and find the post that Z&J did of mine. Good luck.
  3. I ment to say thick and wonderful...woops...got to excited.
  4. Thanks TXGAGIRL! I'm glad to hear that the 2007 bags have nice leather as well. I would LOVE to see a comparison of the 2005 and 2007 pictures. Pretty please. :smile:
  5. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow but I know Z&J might still have mine on file. She also had an '05 black city...I'm sure she would be more than happy to send you pictures. She was the most helpful when I was trying to decide on a bag...she great. But start a new thread asking for those pictures...I'm sure all the ladies would love to help. They are all great!!!! I'll keep checking back.
  6. Don't stone me ladies, but I'm a believer in the idea that ALL B-bags will eventually wear to the relatively same level of smooshiness and softness over time. I have a brand-new Natural Brief that I've been wearing every day for only 10 days....yet it is *already* soft and smooshy like you wouldn't believe! And yes, it is thick, too. In fact, it is thicker and smooshier than two of my '05 Cities.

    Of course, you could go to NM and find two brand-new Cities, one with thicker leather than the other. With time and wear, the thicker one may more closely resemble the soft smooshiness of 05. I guess it's just a matter of, do you want the thick soft smooshieness right NOW (buy a preloved '05 bag), or would you mind getting a new bag and wearing it around til it eventually becomes thick soft and smooshy?

    Man, that was wordy! I hope you were able to decipher all that!
  7. My friend has an 07 Black City and I swear it's the softest smooshiest thing. It's broken in already, even though she only wore it for 3 months.
  8. Well, I think the only reason you would want to hold out for a spring 05 city is if you don't like the glossiness of the newer bags. The spring 05 leather is more matte.

    If you don't care if your bags is matte or glossy, then go for the 07 because it is possible to find an 07 black city with silky soft, buttery leather.

    Personally, I like the gloss.
  9. Get the 2007 one.
  10. My 07 bag got smooshy and silky after only 2 wears. It's insane.. I was expecting to be wearing it for a year before the smooshiness came about:yahoo:
  11. Frankly speaking, i will wait for 05 city to pop up on eBay as i prefer the older leathers (it is so smooshy and thick) not like the 07 one....that's my point of view!! final decision still lies on u......:smile:
  12. what about the 06????
  13. The first Bbag I got was an 06 black city. I was a little apprehensive because I hadn't heard many good things about 2006 leathers. When mine arrived, It was love at first sight!!!:heart: :heart: My black city is a gorgeous lump of smooshy leather!! LOVE IT!! I don't think you can go wrong with black:supacool:
  14. 06 is great black color..I have 05 black and compared with my friend's 06 black city ..Depends on lighting it looks navy,black and dark grey color..
  15. go dragons, I completely understand on you wanting the 05 leathers because so do I. I have seen so many pictures of the older season leathers and most have that matte, thick smooth almost vintage looking leather to them that I LOVE.

    I am looking for an 04/05 bag myself at the moment.

    I currently have the 07 twiggy in anthracite and I'm hoping it changes to a more matte softer finish like I'm hearing so many here say that the newer bags do. Even the sa at BALny said that it will. I've personally never seen any leather bag that I own change from shiny to matte but with so many saying that they get softer and less shiny, I'm carrying it around daily JUST to see if it does. So far, no change on it. Carried it around for approx 1 week only though so its still very new.

    I still like it alot but I know how much I love matte zero shine leathers so I will always want to acquire an old season bag without having to 'make it work'.

    Hope that makes sense...