Hard Choices: Out of "Allowance" and bought two purses on the sly!

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  1. Okay, ladies, I need some input from seasoned veterans. To curb my new purse (and ongoing shoe) enthusiasm, my husband and I agreed to a quarterly "spending allowance" which was supposed to cover all non necessary items. And before my feminist friends go up in arms, this is for both of us, and it was my idea! I was trying to keep myself in control. So, okay, I blew Q2 funding by buying a Marc Jacobs (on super sale!) and a pair of Prada gorgeous suede heels. And I'm not supposed to buy anything until July. But then I saw all these lovely sales for Chloe, who I also love! And I bought two purses, one of which I intend to give back. Edith Shopper in Chocolate, and Edith Satchel in Chocolate:




    (thank you Saythis for posting such finds!)

    Okay, so here's the dilemma. What do I tell the husband, who will definitely notice and is not an idiot. :P And which purse do I keep, if I keep either one? Note that I want to use this for work and travel, and want to carry a narrow portfolio to meetings.

    Help! Thoughts and commiseration?
  2. If you could keep one keep the satchel! Good luck with the Hubby....
  3. Don't do either of them, they're not 'allowance over' worthy. I think you're settling and going for price and then trying to justify your purchase:tdown:. Hold out and wait for the Bay. Everything you describe regarding what you want in your next purse truly embodies the Bay and they will go on Sale at Q3 or 4. Perhaps the large to medium satchel:tup:
  4. Susieserb, you are right. I cancelled both orders. I guess I have to stick to my own rules, otherwise what's the point? I was just bedazzled by the sales. I'll wait for the right bag! Thank you so much for your input. It was the nudge I needed. :smile:
  5. Well said, Susieserb! The Bay is soooo worth the wait!
  6. Well done Pishi! :tup: That's very strong of you to cancel the orders! :okay:
  7. I totally agree!:tup:
  8. Now the hunt is on for the Bays we want but only on SALE!!!!!!

  9. :true:You are so bloody right, you are!