Hard Candy Cosmetics 75% off EVERYTHING!

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  1. Hard Candy Cosmetics 75% off EVERYTHING! :yahoo:I just bought some fun glitter eye pencils for $3.62! www.hardcandy.com have fun!
  2. thanks, but how's the quality? any good?
  3. they sell it at sephora (its on sale there too)

    personally, i would say the quality isnt very good
    im pretty pale and the eyeshadow pigments never showed up on me
    the lipglosses seem fine though
  4. i was just going to post this! great deals!
  5. Thanks for posting this, I got some nail polish!
  6. wowie i really dont NEED any new makeup but being that cheap...hehehee
  7. does any 1 know if they are going out of business or somethin?
  8. I"m not sure, so don't quote me on this but I heard that Urban Decay is dropping the brand. I wish there were some free ship codes out there.
  9. #9 Aug 19, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2008
    thanks a lot of great deals! I am going to get some stuff for myself and my boyfriend's sisters
  10. I wanted to check out on their website but it seems like its not working! Does anyone else have problems with this?
  11. Awesome deals! Thanks for posting. Although I am not sure I needed anything I purchased...
  12. I remember when Hard Candy came out and it was huge...it has died down since then.
  13. thanks for posting! lots of great deals!
  14. Just bought a bunch of stuff. I personally think Hard Candy has great quality eyeshadows and eyeliners. I'm very fair skinned and it shows up well on me.
  15. I ended up getting like 20 things LOL for under 80 bucks!! A lot of christmas gifts!!