Hard as Wraps

  1. This was a steal to me!!
    I found a new nailpolish at Target by Sally Hanson. It's called Hard as Wraps. It is awwwwesoooomme. :tup: Usually when I point my nails I can count on having to retouch them the next night. With kids and dishes and laundry and on an on I'm just too hard on them they chip constantly.

    This stuff lasted 3 whole days without chipping for me which is completely astounding. I still can't believe it. I now tell pretty much every woman I come into contact with. Yeah I'm pretty excited about this. :woohoo::yahoo:

    It cost about $4.50, I found it on the bottom shelf of the SH stuff and there are about 10 different colors. I have already bought 3 of them!
  2. I haven't tried Hard as Wraps, but I love Sally Hansen Supershine top coat. I think it's even better than OPI and it costs half as much :tup:
  3. Good to know! I'm a fan of the Miracle Growth line. You can really see a difference!
  4. Everything I've used from Sally Hansen has been good.

    I've been curious about the Avon nail polish - the sticker kind. They're supposed to last 7-10 days, which is great. But I think the best thing would be not having to wait for them to dry! If they ever put out a french manicure one, I'll definitely give it a try.
  5. They are good nail polishes but are kinda stubborn when you try to remove them. I have a couple of different kinds.
  6. Oh, I definitely have to try this now! Even my more expensive nail polishes chip by the next day. :sad:
  7. ^^good to know, i love SH! esp. the Insta-Dry top coat!