Hard as nails....moment Siberian tiger had its claws clipped

  1. Last updated at 22:29pm on 13th October 2007

    A tiger's claws could easily maul a man to death in preparation for a tasty meal.

    Luckily, Dany, the 23-year-old Siberian tiger was sedated as he had his claws clipped by zookeepers in Slovakia.
    Dany is one of the oldest tigers in the world, so he would have had the treatment many times during his life in captivity.

    The beast, on show at the zoo in Stropkov, is also one of the rarest animals in the world today. Tigers, along with gorillas, are on the brink of extinction due to hunting and ever-expanding human environments.

    tigerclippedG1310_468x334.jpg tigerclippedG1310_468x345.jpg tigerclippedG1310_468x696.jpg
  2. OMG

    HOW ADORABLE!! those pawsss!!!
    *pat pat pat pat*
    i'm using the last pic for my desktop picture.
  3. My cats do that after we cut their nails. (Well, after we've let them go, and they've ran away and regrouped a little . . . )
  4. awwww loook at the leetal baby paws...leetal babyyyy *gives big virtual hugs* EEE!! :love:
  5. My cats on the other hand will maul ME with their claws unless I prepare them a tasty meal....

    lol no just kidding. But if angry MEOWS were claws then yes!
  6. My cats are at my parents' house, and when I was still living at home, it was mine and my dad's job to clip their nails. He'd hold the cat and I'd clip the nails.

    Willie is usually very good. He struggles a little, but then he just gives in.

    Louis, on the other hand, is SO difficult. He struggles, he yowls, he hisses . . . he's even tried to take swings at my dad.

    My dad's taken to wearing suede gloves when he holds him. (I like to call them his Falconer's gloves).

    Our latest plan was one we tested out the last time I was home. We took a towel, folded it in half, and then wrapped Louis up in it in such a way that allowed me access to his paws.
  7. What a gorgeous animal!