Harassment ....what do i do?

  1. I have a few items listed on eBay and everyday i am receiving 20-30 emails in my inbox from one particular fake website advertising their "quality shoes, bags,belts" i have tried blocking the email address they are sending from but they keep changing the email address. I have also sent messages back begging them to leave me alone but they send me message back saying things like "my friend , our product the best we do business for future" I don't know what to do but would love to know how i can get their website closed down?
  2. This first thing you should do is NOT open any of their emails and NOT respond. When you open one of their emails, they know that your email is an active one.
  3. :wtf:i have opened them ..... ok i will not open anymore and just delete them :yes:
  4. You could try blocking the root of their email addresses (everything after the @).
  5. I probably shouldn't do this, but when I get those, I send them back 100 emails.

    The message is jkaslfjdskdfjasdkfjkdsajfsdkfjsdakfjsdk

    100 times for every one.
  6. It is the same provider as myself and all of my friends and family are on the same :sad:
  7. Is this not a little time consuming sending 100 emails? or is there a quick way because i would love to do that ;)
  8. Oh, that is too bad. Usually when I get spammed they come from unique addresses that I can block without blocking legitimate emails.
  9. I used to get those and I would reply STOP SENDING ME THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I would post it in my auction for all to see. Embarassing!!!!!!!!!
  10. Yep i've tried asking them not to send them but they have been sending more and more :sad: Also they are not sending messages via my auctions but direct to my email as eBay has the option to email seller :push:
  11. Best thing to do is to delete unread and don't answer at all.

    It is likely to be a bot sending the email by a program looking for keywords.

    It is a pain in the butt, and pity there isn't a report spam button on eBay mail.
  12. Those are computer generated. You can't really stop them. You can block them but they just get another email addy and continue to send.
  13. I agree with most of the above - don't open them, don't reply just delete.
  14. Go into the e-mail in my messages in eBay and report them to eBay. They close the ID's down but only if they know about them
  15. Thanks everyone i have ignored 2 messages from earlier today and..... there does not appear to have been anymore sent since :yahoo:It really is frustrating but i hope that is the end of them for now