Harassing email...

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  1. from forum members how do you handle it ?

  2. :confused1: What kind of harassment? This is kind of scary.
  3. Report it to a mod!
  4. That's not good! I've never gotten that! Just a few nice PMs. I agree with Whistlerchic, report it to a mod ASAP!!
  5. thank you, I have.
  6. That's completely out-of-line. Hope they can take care of it right away. Good luck!
  7. Oh No!! Never recv'd a harrassing one....Hope they can help you:heart:
  8. What the heck? How awful. Sorry. :confused1: I'm sure a mod will be able to help you out.
  9. OMG ---- that's horrible!
  10. *sad*
  11. Tell me who it is I will kick there booty...JUST KIDDING!!! Sorry that is happening to you! This is supposed to be FUN!! and nothing but fun!! :sad:
  12. I would go to vlad and megs with it. Hope all is ok
  13. feel free :smile:
    thanks for caring.
  14. Its not a big issue, but still its like come on grew up.
  15. Yes, please PM a mod and/or Vlad and Megs and let us know of any harassing and inappropriate e-mails or PMs that are received :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.