Harajuku Sweats..Help Looking for juicy alternative!

  1. I was in a popular boutique in my area and they just got in the line of Harajuku sweats, and I checked them out and thought they were cute, but I am looking for a line of sweats that would be cute to wear out running errands instead of always wearing my juicy ones..Any ideas?
  2. I have BCBG ones that i wear during errands... I've got a Harajuku hoodie.. i like it.
  3. I love BCBG suits.
  4. Lululemon are my favorite.
  5. I have BCBG sweats that I really love!
  6. never tried harajuku sweats, but lululemon is amazing. abercrombie is great and cheap too.
  7. Ron Herman's "go" sweats are super cute. :smile:
  8. i like abercrombie, my university sweats and TNA pants
  9. YES ! Me too ! I collect the tops because they're just so cute and fun !
  10. BCBG are my favorite. I like VS as well but they're not as fitting.