Harajuku Lovers - What's the story?

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  1. I've created a monster! My 14 y.o. daughter is really not into clothes, shoes, hair, or make-up, but she loves handbags! She wants a blue Coach patchwork, which I told her she could get when we're on vacation. Tonight we ran into Macy's for a few things for our trip and of course we had to check out the handbag department. I saw the Harajuku Lovers bags and said did you see these? We both thought they were super cute. She ended up getting the Kawaii Kokeshi Fan bag. She is dying for the matching wallet. I've never heard of this brand before. Is it designed by Gwen Stefani? Do they get dirty easily? Is there any place to buy them at a discount? We also really liked the LeSportsac bags. Luckily for my wallet they didn't have any of the Tokidoki line.
  2. I have a Harajuku Lovers makeup case and I love it! HL is Gwen Stefani's second line, cheaper and aimed a a younger crowd than L.A.M.B. It depends on the material (the carousel print is on a rough canvas), but the smooth coated fabric doesn't seem to hold dirt and cleans off easily. I think some discount stores like TJ Maxx have had older HL prints.
  3. Oh I love Harujaku Lovers clothes!! ;)
  4. I have a Harajuku Lovers makeup bag too. They're fun. If you're near a TJ Maxx or Marshalls, I suggest looking for more HL items there. They always have HL at my local TJ Maxx stores.
  5. IMO they're pretty similar to Le Sportsac, and you said you liked their quality, so I think you'll be happy with HL. :smile:
  6. I actually have a Harjuku tote bag that I use for work. I got it at Marshall's where I've seen several other Harajuku bags. All the ones that I've seen there have been around half-price.
  7. hahaha, aww your little monster! :p She will be looking adorable with Harajuku Lovers. :smile:
  8. I have the camaflouge messenger bag....I love the little Gwen bell!
  9. That's the tote bag that I have - it also says "Our Love is the Real Thing" on the front. The retail price of that bag is $78, but I only paid $40 for it at Marshall's. The style is the "Candy Tote"

    I love the new version of it in the Graffiti Girls print:
  10. ahh these bags look super cute, and perfect for younger gals :smile:
  11. I have started my 10 year old. she has a wallet, bags and watches.
  12. Your little monster, how cute lol! If I had a little girl, believe me, she'd be all HL'ed out (and maybe a little lambed out to match her mom)! I'm glad your daughter likes her new HL, it is very cute for little girls, and even for us older girls too.
  13. Wow! Your 10 yr old has a wallet and more than one watch?!? I didn't start using either until I was midway thru high school! I guess its never too early to teach organization, $ management and time efficiency... in a fashionable way too!
  14. At least she picked a relatively cheap brand! :graucho: I wonder if she'd like tokidoki too? The material is easy to upkeep since it's just nylon, although I imagine cotton would be harder to upkeep but could probably wash in those delicate netted bags.