Happyness is a brown box...or three! (pics)

  1. Here's today's loot from the London City LV store: my Xmas presents to myself. I was supposed to limit myself to one thing I preordered...but how many of you resist when in the store? :shame:

    Let's start with a teaser!
    DSC00057.jpg DSC00058.jpg
  2. oooh i want to see!
  3. Oh, please hurry! I love these reveals!
  4. Cut to the chase!:lol:
  5. She was a bit shy, you know how they get!
    DSC00059.jpg DSC00060.jpg
  6. ^^^ She is just... stunning! Congrats on your new bundle of joy! ;)
  7. :yahoo:Congratz!
  8. I am in love :love:

    You guys want a sneak peek at my other new babies?
  9. I think I just fainted...(picks self up off floor). I LOVE that bag! Do you have modelling shots? And I would love to see the other new babies!
  10. I forgot to take a modeling shot before slumping in a tracksuit :sad: It was a really long way from my house to the store, and I also had to attend a meeting with my tutor with everybody staring at my huge LV shopping bag :roflmfao:

    Will model it soon :tup:

    The other babies...I couldn't help myself!
    Lil' guessing game on the second pic?
    DSC00061.jpg DSC00062.jpg
  11. OMG!!!!! Congrats!!!
  12. Congrats!I had a feeling that bag was going to pop out of that box :smile:.
  13. lovely booty!
  14. ~The more I see this babie-the more I wanttttt!!!! The iPhone case is such a darling too...Great set-Congrats~
  15. OMG, gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!