happyme's collection

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  1. my collection

    burberry - when i saw this bag in vegas, i just had to have it, the color, the pattern... ahhhh...

    tod's - i got this bag just for the color, again.

    prada - they were my school bags, i could put two textbooks in bigger messenger bag

    dior - my evening bag

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  2. The Tod's bag is lovely:love: May I ask how much it was?
    It looks like a really cute "date" bag and does it come in any other colors?
  3. gucci and LV: just love them. hehehehe...

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  4. love the black dior bag. looks so punk :biggrin:
  5. hi, clinkenwar, you wouldn't believe how much i paid for this bag. i got it last year 4th of july at desert hills outlet in palm springs. i paid a little over 200 for this bag. they had a black one also, but i just didn't like the back one as much as the red one.

    i think tod's put out this bamboo bag in 2004. i saw it at the tod's boutique on santana row a while back, i don't remember what was the price tag on it at the time thou. and if you visit desert hills during a holiday weekend, a lot of the stores there will have some kind of sale going on. i heard that the thanksgiving weekend is the most crazy time of the year over there.
  6. Lovely collection!
  7. I looove the MC koala, it's so cute ! And I agree, the Burberry is to die for !
  8. Lovely! The Koala wallet is so cute, I love it in the MC :love:
  9. Love your LV collection and the Prada larger messenger bag (I have the same in diff color and it's SO convinient when you need something casual!) Thanks for sharing!
  10. Nice! I have the exact same Prada messenger :biggrin: I take it jogging with me.
  11. LOVE your bags, esp. your Dior and Burberry!!!
  12. nice collection! another bay area-er, yay!!

    I love your CD evening bag, so gorgeous
  13. I love your collection! Very nice!!
  14. I Looooove your Tods bag!!!!!! :love: :love: :love: What a gorgeous colour! Nice collection!
  15. Awesome collection. Love the red tods