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Mar 3, 2006
my collection

burberry - when i saw this bag in vegas, i just had to have it, the color, the pattern... ahhhh...

tod's - i got this bag just for the color, again.

prada - they were my school bags, i could put two textbooks in bigger messenger bag

dior - my evening bag


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clinkenwar said:
The Tod's bag is lovely:love: May I ask how much it was?
It looks like a really cute "date" bag and does it come in any other colors?

hi, clinkenwar, you wouldn't believe how much i paid for this bag. i got it last year 4th of july at desert hills outlet in palm springs. i paid a little over 200 for this bag. they had a black one also, but i just didn't like the back one as much as the red one.

i think tod's put out this bamboo bag in 2004. i saw it at the tod's boutique on santana row a while back, i don't remember what was the price tag on it at the time thou. and if you visit desert hills during a holiday weekend, a lot of the stores there will have some kind of sale going on. i heard that the thanksgiving weekend is the most crazy time of the year over there.