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  1. :yahoo:Nothing really to say, and I don't expect anyone to comment, but I'm just super excited that the rest of my pink heritage strip stuff arrived this week!!
  2. Pink city!

  3. Pink Heritage STRIPE i mean. :heart:
  4. Oh my, that sure is a lot of pink Heritage stripe. Very nice!
  5. :tup:COngrats! Coach seems to have that affect on us huh? "Happy"
  6. Yay!!! Good for you!!!! that's an awesome collection! LOOOOOVE all of that pink!
  7. AWESOME!!! Congrats!!! I love all the pink!!!
  8. LOVE THE SET! All the matching pieces :yahoo:....way to go!!!! GREAT, GREAT Set!
  9. I'm a pink freak. LOL... it's been a long time coming! This week I received the skinny mini, small wallet and cosmetic bag.
  10. Not sure how to attach bigger pictures, but I'm trying! :smile:

    Attached Files:

  11. That's a lot of pink! Congrats
  12. I can see why you're so happy--that's a great set!

    What did you decide about the "C" charm? Did you end up getting one?
  13. I keep going back and forth about it! I really, really want to get it though. It just bothers me that the "perfect" color is on the side that would only be seen if the "C" is backwards! I can't tell you how many times I've gotten all the way to the last step in checkout on coach.com, and then stopped.
  14. Very pretty collection! Happy that you're happy! :party:
  15. I know exactly what you mean. I would put mine on my bags alot more if the pink was on the front and the lilac was on the back. I'm just glad that they made the "c" in better colors than what they had before, which I think was yellow and blue.