Happy Yellow!

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  1. I don't really do reveals when my Chanels or other purses arrived, but when it comes to Celine, it's like I'm a little girl in a candy shop. After my love at first sight with my black stamped croc phantom last summer, my love affair with Celine never seemed to wane. It's Fall now, but one can not resist if the Citrine Micro pebble leather luggage becomes available. I am pink/red kinda girl, but this yellow melts my heart. She is gorgeous :smile:
    image-1110310088.jpg image-2715904171.jpg image-3338515465.jpg image-681270756.jpg
  2. congratulations!! that yellow is beautiful :sunnies

    great collection. enjoy your new bag
  3. oh wow! Gorgeous color! What a great pop of color for the coming winter months.
  4. GORGEOUS!!! Love the color!
  5. Oh my gosh, how fun! I loveee that color
  6. What a wonderful collection you have! Love that yellow!
  7. what a pretty color!!!! congrats!
  8. I am inlove :smile:
  9. wow~~it's gorgeous! where did you get it?
  10. Great pop of colour! Congrats.
  11. I got it from the CEline Boutique in Bal Harbour.
  12. Thank you all ladies for the love!
  13. Pretty color and love your collection! Congrats!
  14. Congratulations dear, enjoy it, it is very very beautiful bag and lovely collection,

    do you think they still have micro in same color?
  15. Hello, when I talked to the SA...she said she only had the micro and nano. I was only interested in the Citron. She said somebody bought the nano and I got the Micro. You never know, they probably still have one somewhere. Doris at Celine Bal Harbour was very helpful.