Happy with my New SacBosphore, Aumoniere, Vernis Pouchette

  1. Here are the new items I bought this past week. I have to say that this forum has been extremely helpful in choosing items, and especially in making me aware, since I am the only one I know who is really into LV.:kiss:

    So, I have here the Sac Bosphore which attaches to my Pegase60, I purchased the Sac at the King of Prussia (PA) LV Boutique. I think it streamlines the look and will keep everything together while in transit. Function and fashionable, and smart, and fun.

    I also have here a pic of my MonoSatin Aumoniere in the brown which just makes me smile each time I look at which is why I had to have it. I was in Soho this afternoon, so I made my purchases there. And the Pouchette Clefs which I thought would make a nice extra in my bag and probably very useful.

    What is in my future you may ask...hmmmm, I really like those Suhalis. . . . I am soooo happy with these items.....good thing it's Friday , I can hang out with them all weekend!
    DSCF0320.JPG DSCF0322.JPG
  2. Oh wow...they are all gorgeous! Congrats....and I know exactly what you mean about SuhalI!
  3. Congrats! Excellent pieces. Enjoy them, they're beautfiul!
  4. Wonderful selection! Enjoy!
  5. Divine! I love the aumoniere.
  6. i love the aumoniere!!!!!
  7. I love the aumoniere!!!!!!! Lovely items:love:
  8. Wow, love all your pieces! Congrats!
  9. WOW! I love your luggage and l`aumonière!!! Très chic! *droooool*:drool:
  10. Very pretty! Congratulations.
  11. Great pieces!! I love the satin aumoniere!!

    P.S. Your dog is soooo cute!!!
  12. congrats!
  13. Love the travel set! And the aumoniere is gorgeous!
  14. WOW! teriffic pieces! I love the luggage!! CONGRATS!
  15. congrats!!! everything is just gorgeous!