Happy with my new Hermes bag and scarf

  1. Hi everyone

    I just want to share my new garden party and red berries scarf that i bought in a week from H store in Changi airport and Jakarta (they actually having a special price fot the natural colour of garden party. I know its a past season colour, but its a good price ;) )
  2. That is a really nice combination of colours, congratulations! Its great to get a good deal too!
  3. BirkineSS, that is a beautiful combination! I love the berries twilly on your new GP! I would wear it all year long because the skin/leather is dark and so is the twilly. It is a timeless year round combination.
  4. beautiful bag and scarf, congratulations, that's my favourite combo for the berries.
  5. Congrats and she's so pretty, tell me more on her specs :flowers:

  6. gorgeous, and on sale too? lovely combination, congrats!
  7. Lovely - congrats!
  8. :yahoo: such a nice bag! congratzzzz:drool:

    May i ask where did you buy your hermes garden party tote from? Is it singapore or jakarta store? and how much.. hehehe

    I don't think there is something will left from me:roflmfao:
    since my transit trip will be around next month:sad:

    but anyhow... congratzzz one more time and enjoy your new bag:p
  9. Whoa.... GORGEOUS!! Congratulations!!!
  10. Lovely bag and I love the scarf! Congrats!
  11. Thanks everyone for the compliments :smile:

    First i thought i like the red canvas - dark brown leather colour combination but then the nice SA told me the natural colour is on special price ... they wouldn't say it on sale, they said its on special price and i couldn't find any S mark throughout the bag. Its about 30% cheaper than the full price one. It so tempting (since i dont have to pay a ticket to fly to paris where everything in there are indeed already 30% cheaper) and hubby said yes then i just bought it. Its good for the time being while waiting for my birkin :p
    I didn't plan to buy the GP though when i got home i took my scarf out and it match the bag.

    Anitams : I bought the tote from H store in Jakarta. I think they have a couple of them cos I did ask the SA to get a brand new one from the storeroom.

    You know what, the leather smelll sooo goodddd unbelievable that my whole bedroom smelled that leather when i let my GP out on my bed ... I forgot the name of the leather but i am pretty sure its not any of the leather for birkin that being discussed in this forum.
  12. Hahaha your bag deserve it, and especially youu.. because you had such a great taste;)

    BirKineSS: Thank You very much for relocated one for me... hahaha should visit galeria grand hyatt if i'm in jkt...

    Hahaha one of the best :heart: -ly leather huh:smile:

  13. congratulations! lovely bag and scarf!
  14. The GP's color combo is tres chic- congrats!
  15. The combo is so pretty