Happy Vday to me!

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  1. Picked up a little something for me today! Ran into leesburg,(actually, didn't run too fast, it was a MADHOUSE today!) and got this little guy! 98.00 with 30% off and the 20% off coupon, plus a $25.00 gift card came to just over $30 dollars!
    Not bad! and it is a great size, I'm usuing it to hold my checkbook, and my mini with cc's and some change, that way, can grab just that if I am running into a store and don't want to haul everything! (and t's a good club bag:P)


    Sorry for the links! I don't know why it doesn't like me enough to let my pics upload today!
    It is the large patent poppy wristlet in green, for those who don't want to bother with the link ;)
  2. Love it! BTW I just clicked thru your photos.....nice collection!
  3. Thanks! and thats not even updated, probabley 5 of those have been replaced with about 7 new ones!:faint:
  4. ooohh i love it!! your pics make me want to pick one up!!! congrats!!!
  5. That's a great little bag, I love the color! Congrats on a great price too!
  6. oh dang that is so cute!!!!
  7. That is so cute..
  8. That's so cute! I looked at those in my outlet yesterday and all day today I've been wishing I had bought one. I might drive up there tomorrow and look at them again.
  9. congrats!!