Happy VDAY!! Show us your vuitton gift!!!

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  1. happy v-day to everyone!!!:heart::heart: i got this from bf last saturday...

  2. Hi, i bought it from a reseller. will PM you :smile:
  3. NO LV from the bf this vday, we're both super poor! I did get a new wii game,a card and my fav. choc though.

    :heart: Happy V-day Everyone! :flowers:

  4. ohhh prettyy :tup:
  5. more pics please..:heart::p
  6. loves them!!! hot hot hot!!! :nuts:
  7. My DH gave me $100 cash ---which is going toward my watercolor speedy fund :nuts:when it hopfully comes out in May!
  8. i think i need this bag. this was my face when i looked at the pic :wtf: must. have. purple. epi. pochette.

    i am home sick with the flu, so no vday celebrations :crybaby: buuuut, will be stopping in at lv on saturday (if i'm fit enough) to check out the new cassis goodies!!! :yahoo:

    oh, and my damier speedy 25 celebrated her 1st birthday today!!! she is still my favourite!
  9. Congrats to everyone on their lovely V-day gifts!

    I got a Pomme heart which is my first heart! I will post pics later.

    Happy valentines to everyone!
  10. Happy b-day and valentines day. But i thought that the white mc hl mini sac was discontinued? as well as the black one? Lol. do they still sell them in LV boutiques? Sorry, im just curious because i was thinking about buying that abag.
  11. DH gave me a v-day hug and bought myself a Berkley in ebene...happy v-day to ME....hope I love it......
  12. What a treat for yourself! Love the Berkeley! :tup:
  13. happy valentines guys!!! hope you guys are having a great one! i got luck this vday =) my bf got me the epi french purse in hawaii during xmas as a early valentines day gift and surprised me by ordering/finding a mini lin ebene for me for valentines day too!! the azur speedy was my xmas present this past year. hahaha ive converted my bf into a LV lover! hhaha
    have a great day guys!
  14. ohhh taco i love your new purse!! dont worry! once the weathers better you can sooo go out with style =)