Happy VDAY!! Show us your vuitton gift!!!

  1. I love the Juicy Couture Heart charm!
    That's great sweetneet! And a lovely compliment to your houston.

    Cheweylv - your wallet is exquisite, I love the colors!
  2. I have to wait for my present. We are going to Vegas at the end of the month so I have to wait until then.
    My DH is home sick with the flu so our dinner is postponed until Saturday night.
    Hope everyone else has a happy Valentine's day!
  3. Not getting anything either. I was outbid last night :sad: Happy valentines day everyone.
  4. My sweet husband bought me the damier ebene berkeley which I got to open last night. He also purchased me the damier zippy organizer, godiva chocolates, and flowers but the organizer he just ordered and I have to wait about 7 more days. All this was a total surprise, he is wonderful.:yahoo:I tried to post pics of the berkeley but for some reason the pics were not showing up. I'll try again later.

    When I opened my berkeley I inspected it thoroughly and I think there are a few very light flaws on the front leather trim. I can't tell if they are actual scuff marks or if they are just flaws in the leather. You can't see them unless you get really really close while shining a flash light over it or in direct sunlight...lol I know I'm pitiful. Just wondering what all of you think. Oh and he bought it from elux, I've heard they aren't so good with returns or exchanges.
  5. I bought these for myself for V Day

  6. The shoes are fabulous! :love:

  7. The best gifts really do come from yourself ! :p:love:
  8. I totally agree! ^^^
  9. I couldn't agree more! :graucho:
  10. I finally got the pics to upload, here is my new baby. Isn't she beautiful:yes:



  11. So cute!! Love everything. The juicy heart is so cute!!
  12. ^^^ awww, here's another Sweetie! {{{{Hugs}}}}

    and a :smooch: too!
  13. cheweyvy...I love your new wallet, I am in NYC as well, did you find the wallet at one of the stores here in the city?
  14. So beautiful!! My Speedy has Berkeley envy:girlsigh: :smile:. Congratulations!!
  15. Wow, thanks for blowing up the pic for me! It sure looks so much better like this ..lol :love: