Happy VDAY!! Show us your vuitton gift!!!

  1. Bf surprised me with a mini pochette!
  2. Here is a pic in case you didnt get to see them! (they are posted somewhere else and I dont know where! Lol!!)

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  3. Will get myself a MANHATTAN PM soon :balloon:
  4. Awesome! I have one and they are kinda weird..... With nothing inside them they are SUPER heavy! I wonder if its the weight of the front locks or something? Its a great bag but it charges rent if you want to carry her!! lol!!:lol:
  5. Yes!!! Agree!!! :biggrin: i think its the buckles... But love the looks, so classy for me :winkiss:

    Wish to get it right this time! (LAst week was not a gud experienced from an eBay seller!) and trying on 2nd time around:cool:
  6. I read that they are discontinued! I did not know that until last night!
  7. Yes it is discontinued i also called the LV shop here and they told me same thing.
  8. This is actually a B-Day/Valentine's Day gift.
    Azur Totally PM and matching stole! Perfect for summer!!!

    Love everyones new goodies! :heart:

    Ugh...sorry about the pic but you get the idea.
    LV azur.jpg
  9. I got my first Speedy and the book Birth of Modern Luxury. I've always bought shoulder bags or cross body bags, but tPF convinced me I needed a Speedy.
    photo 2.JPG
  10. My valentines day gift from my DF
  11. My vday n early bday gift :smile:


  12. I picked out my gift sat before valentines day, pomme alma bb and matching cles because my baby was due soon. Well he arrived on valentines day and was the perfect gift.


  13. OMG! Your BabyBoy is soooooooooooo cute! :heart::heart::heart: