Happy VDAY!! Show us your vuitton gift!!!

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  1. Happy vday!!! I know many of you will receive vuitton as gift... so post it here and share with us!

    P.S: *Grrrr, my DH dont even plan to bring me out. No gifts/no date*
  2. I got mine a couple of weeks ago, the Violette and Gold cosmetic cases and the Violette heart:
  3. I got nothing :sad: but I'll be going to LV tomorrow after my 10 hour exam LOL! That should cheer me up, but I don't think I'll buy anything cuz I'm waiting for the Denim XS.

    Happy V-day ppl! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. Oh what a depressing day, but my self-given V-day gift is coming in 3-4 days!
  5. mine from BF is something for my car, but V-day gift from me to me is comming soon :yes: Violette & Gold :heart: and a stephen scarf :yahoo:
  6. i'll post my roxy and damier as soon as they arrive! great thread.
  7. Happy valentines day to everyone, even if you didn't get LV.:flowers: I didn't get LV but hubby did remember to send flowers so I'm still happy.
    Still waiting on the store to send my gold heart and cos case:cursing: which will be my valentines gift to myself!
  8. I'll be getting a very belated Valentine's Day LV gift... the Montorgueil! And something non-LV on the Day. :smile:
  9. Happy Singles' Awareness Day, y'all! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :roflmfao:

    I bought a gift for myself - the gold Suhali agenda. :smile:

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  10. I am still waiting for my goodies to arrive in store:cursing: He did buy roses, perfume and hand-delivered them to me at work:heart:
  11. It really is HAPPY SINGLES' AWARENESS Day lol... I don't think I will be getting offical Valentine's Day gifts from anyone, but I did go to LV over the weekend and picked up the Ludlow Wallet and the Birth of Modern Luxury, so I guess those are my gifts for today...
  12. I don't get LV for Valentine's; or any occasion for that matter. Anyway, my boyfriend is surprising me with three gifts on Friday when he's having me over at his place for Valentine's since I have two midterms, two quizzes, two labs, and two assignments due within the span of three days and things are busy as hell...I won't even be seeing him today :sad:
  13. My BF got me something I have been lusting after from Hermes...

    Here she is:


    She is called Dotty Lin, named after the dot on her ear and my BF's surname. :heart:
  14. Here is my Violette heart.
  15. Gifts to self count? haha. Maybe I'll pick something up today if I have some time :p