Happy Valentines to the Hermes Pfers

  1. This is my little gesture of appreciation to all on the Hermes Purseforum. It is indeed heartwarming to see the friendships that have been forged on this forum.

    Using the 3 hermes icons - birkin/kelly/scarf - the "flowing" scarves depict the friendship that emanates from our common love of Hermes bags

  2. What a stunning photo..your bags and scarf are simply breathtaking..you will have to put this pic in the Hermes Art thread..
  3. That is beyond gorgeous...pinks and purples are my favorite colors. That looks so beautiful and thank you for doing this. I feel so happy now!!! :love:

    :kiss: to you archangel.
  4. So beautiful!!! Thank you!! I could stare at that photo forever.
  5. Pepper, I saved it as my desktop (hope that is okay archangel) as my background. It is too beautiful.
  6. Thank you archangel such a beautiful pic and a lovely sentiment. Happy Valentines Day to you too :flowers:
  7. Thanks archangel!! How lovely and all my fav colours too. This is the first time I'm seeing a Cyclamen Kelly :love: Is that Swift?
  8. Gorgeous!! Thank you :flowers:
  10. Candace... I am honored that you think my photo was good enough to be your desktop background....

    Ms Piggy: the kelly is cyclamen epsom. Cyclamen has the best intensity in epsom IMO
  11. Thanks, that's interesting as I never thought colours in Epsom had that much intensity (e.g. Bleu Jean). Could you post a close up if its not too much trouble? Love the colour.
  12. It is now my desk top background and it looks great!
  13. ^ Mine too! :p
  14. :love: