Happy Valentines to Me: Vert D'eau City

  1. I'm my own Valentine... but it's all good because I buy myself the best gifts. Hehe.

    Vert D'eau RH City:

    With the gift from my parents:

    My very small, but growing Balenciaga collection:

  2. Congrats.:yahoo::coolpics: Enjoy your V-day.:wlae:
  3. Beautiful colors!! Happy :heart: Day!
  4. Congrats! I just got mine today too ... love this colour .. it's so pretty!
  5. ooh she is gorgeous! congrats!
  6. Oh congrats!!! Love the McQueen scarf too! Vert d'eau is so pretty - it'll look so great this spring!
  7. congrats, bambikino!!:tup: you are on a roll, girl.. ;)
  8. Ahhh we have the same bal's! I have RH EB and VD too!! Twins :tup: happy vday!
  9. Awesome!

    Any chance of a modelling shot? Any? A little styling maybe? You know, totally professional of course..or maybe not. Just a tiny modelling shot maybe. Hint hint. Subtle hint. A rocking bbag shot? You can include the totally cool stuff from your mum. Maybe? Possibly?


    Jim <trying to contain :drool:>
  10. Those are gorgeous!! Congrats on your new vert d'eau! It's perfect =)

    Happy valentines day!!!
  11. Absolutely gorgeous. :heart:
    Congrats to you on a great gift! :okay:
    That blue is TDF. :drool:
    They make a fabulous couple. :smile:
    Happy V'Day! :yahoo:
  12. The EB next to the Vert d'Eau looks amAZING... :drool: Congrats and Happy :heart: Day!
  13. your collection is off to a great start. I love both bags. Congrats!
  14. omg!!!! they are both so yummy
  15. Wow - both bags are gorgeous - so Springy!!