Happy Valentine's ring part 2....& a little *H*

  1. Happy Valentine's day to you all....I shared my transparent inclusion ring, pomme bracelet and pomme ring yesterday...and today here is what my little girl gave me (well, she paid 5% of it & I paid the rest she's only 8 after all). It's the framboise inclusion ring to go with the bracelet I already had.
    While shopping last week I bought myself the Hermes pocket squares...I just :heart: them.
    The card and candy were a surprise for me and my daughter this morning..I'm on my 4th piece already:nuts:.
    framboisepresent.jpg framboiseringbracelet.jpg Vday2007 007.jpg surprisecardcandy.jpg VdaySammy.jpg
  2. I love the one with the kitty! What a cutehead.
  3. How cute of your daughter! I love the pocket squares! =)
  4. how cute.
  5. Aww that's so sweet of your daughter! Happy V-day!
  6. Great gifts. I think when your daughter is older she will inherit your love for LV!!!! (and Hermes of course!)
  7. Wow everything is so beautiful !!!! lucky you ! :smile:
    and love all these little magic boxes behind !!
  8. everything is lovely and your dau is a sweetheart!
    the hermes pocket squares are beautiful....enjoy everything!
  9. Congrats - soooo beautiful!! Love ur pic w/kitty & happy V-day to you!!!
  10. Congrats! Your daughter is a sweet:heart:. Happy V-day.
  11. congrats! your dh is soo sweet~ why is Sammy chewing on the LV box pull? there's no V-day gift for SAmmy?
  12. Awww that is such a cute story. Congrats.
  13. Congrats! Love everything!
  14. Aww congrats! I love everything!
  15. everything is lovely! your daughter is such a sweetheart, congrats!