Happy Valentines!!! Instant cl reveal

  1. The DH walked into the house today after work with a very special gift!!! I'm still surprised because I have really been wanting these!!! I will spare you all a story this time, but just let you all see my new additions. Let me know what you all think. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! :biggrin:
    17.IMG_2604.jpg 19.IMG_2607.jpg 20.IMG_2609.jpg 21.IMG_2610.jpg 22.IMG_2611.jpg 23.IMG_2613.jpg 24.IMG_2614.jpg 25.IMG_2615.jpg 26.IMG_2618.jpg 27.IMG_2622.jpg
  2. mod shots
    12.IMG_2567.jpg 13.IMG_2570.jpg 14.IMG_2572.jpg 15.IMG_2589.jpg 16.IMG_2594.jpg 01.IMG_2575.jpg 02.IMG_2576.jpg 03.IMG_2577_2.jpg 04.IMG_2578_2.jpg 05.IMG_2579_2.jpg
  3. They are gorgeous!! Congrats, your DH is so sweet!!
  4. mod shots cont.
    06.IMG_2585.jpg 07.IMG_2587.jpg 08.IMG_2590.jpg 09.IMG_2591.jpg 10.IMG_2597.jpg
  5. Thanks, Beagly! I really appreciate you stopping by and your comments! I love them, but I don't know if I should keep them.
  6. So gorgeous on you!!! Why you are thinking of retiring? Sizing issues?
  7. Awwww, thanks, Boo! :biggrin: I am thinking of sending back because I'm not too sure about the mesh. It's extremely soft to me, and I just don't know about it's durability and I would rally hate for something to happen to them, you know? I'm just contemplating return right now, nothing concrete yet. Does it not look like it fits? :thinking:
  8. congrats! they look great on you
  9. Oh no. I completely understand. It's absolutely a torture to be too scared to wear the perfect shoes you love or have them ruined by wearing them. It looks great on you! Just from some angles it looks like there is a gap at the heel.
  10. You are right. I would hate to have this shoe and "rip" goes the mesh! Lol I do see the gaps that you are talking about, but when I'm walking and standing up straight, it's not there. I actually can't believe that a CL actually has a gap on me, but even if it gets too loose, I will just put a gel pad inside. Saying that there is a gap, is really a big compliment to me! Lol I know, it's crazy, but I actually don't think I could size or half size down in them. ;-D
  11. They look amazing on you! But, I can totally relate to buying/keeping shoes that are hard to maintain.. No matter how careful you are with them, shoes are shoes and will eventually get scuffs on them. The mesh fabric looks like it's hard to fix if it gets torn. Hmm, it's such a tough decision, but if you're always worrying about them, then maybe you should let them go..?
  12. Thank you so much!! I do agree, I don't want to have to always be worried when I wear them, but I really can't judge walking in them. I need to lie more towels down and see how it feels. It's really weird the way they feel, but I'm also used to patents so it's already gonna be different. I just don't know. So torn!
  13. Shut the butt!!!! Woot woot!! Congrats. Great hubby
  14. You look great in them! Comfy huh? They are amazing to me. So much more comfy then a new patent. Shoes get wear clans tear just be careful. They are a great price and perfect for some strassing if you want to do it. YOU have to love them.
  15. I'm always thinking of worst case scenarios when it comes to scuffed shoes.... Maybe you can eventually strass them if they do get worn down? I also think there is a difference with the different materials and the "lack of support" you feel with the mesh. Definitely try them on carpet and see if you can get used to them. They look too good on you to pass up easily!