Happy Valentines Day

  1. How many of you broke out your red bag and dressed in the spirit of Valentines Day?
  2. i'm in no spirit whatsoever, but still:

    Happy Valentinesday!
  3. I broke out my red "liver on a rope":biggrin: and consoled myself that the Gaucho really does look like half of a heart to me.:love:
  4. Happy Happy! Hey, Serenity....... I think I *know* you! It's mrmarbles..... do you know me?? :biggrin: :idea: :biggrin:
  5. "Liver" or not, that's a fab bag. :biggrin: Happy V-day y'all.
  6. Oops, that would be "serendipity".... lol.
  7. happy v day everyone. hope you get to eat some chocolate!!
  8. :love: Happy Valentine's Day :love:
  9. happy valentines day to everyone!!!! may today be filled with joy and laghter and delightful surprises.
  10. i am actually off this year for v-day. i can't believe it (normally work 7p-7a)
  11. I think I know you too! Sure is a small internet world:love:
  12. But it's no coincidence that you and I would find each other *here*... lol!
  13. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
  14. That's so funny! :nuts:

    Happy Valentines Day girls! (and guys)
  15. I didn't break out a red bag (come to think of it, I don't have a red bag...except the Coach burgundy/grey tweed) but I did wear a pink turtleneck to teach this morning!