Happy Valentine's Day with Dior

  1. Will need to take pics, but this year my BF said it with Dior.
    Just some accessories, but it was great fun to open 4 Dior boxes this morning.

    Anyway Happy Valentine's Day and please share if your OH said it with Dior too...
  2. congratulations!!! Can't wait to see your goodies!!!!
  3. oooohhh thats so sweet! pics pics please =D
  4. oh i would really love to see the pics. please post some and share your happiness! :p
  5. i third that request! :tup::upsidedown:
  6. i wanna see too!
  7. Got round to those pics. Hope you enjoy...

    I absolutely love the bee necklace, i've been waiting for them to make one since they started using them in the men's line.
    DSC01583 (Medium).JPG DSC01582 (Medium).JPG DSC01581 (Medium).JPG DSC01579 (Medium).JPG
  8. Oh I love the necklace and the belt. beautiful!
  9. the scarves look divine!!!!!
  10. beautiful pressies, hun :flowers:
  11. i love the scarf, congrats!
  12. I have the same scarf in brown. I love it too. Enjoy and what a sweet BF!!
  13. the necklace is so so pretty! :woohoo:
  14. love the necklace
  15. Great accessories, but I love the bee necklace the most. Congrats!