Happy Valentines Day to ME! Look what i got myself!

  1. Well, I had to get myself something.. and i posted this a week or so ago and it came today!!!

    So here it is! The wristlet that matches my bag!!! YAY!!!

  2. Nice :yes:
  3. Love it! Such a pretty color!
  4. Really pretty!
  5. Love your Ergo! :love:
  6. wow.. pretty! happy valentines day to you!
  7. Those purples are so pretty!! Congrats!
  8. I LOVE your Ergo!!! Enjoy!!
  9. Awesome color! Congrats!
  10. great color!
  11. perfect together!
  12. really cute! :tup:
  13. I LURVE your bag!!!!! And the wristlet too! Gorgeous color!!!

  14. OOh I have that wristlet for that bag too. And Macys had a department store exclusive mini skinny - maybe they still have some left? Heres my set.
    ergo set.jpg
  15. Nice!!