Happy Valentines Day!!! Pic!

  1. :yahoo: Check out my extender... not LV... love it on the Lexington, and the Coeur fits perfectly inside!

    Happy Valentines to all you gorgeous gals!!!:heart:
    Vee valentine lexington.jpg Lexington Coeur.jpg
  2. drools, very cute! Congrat's.
  3. ick. My stomach's really not that big, don't know what happened in the photo...haha...lol...
  4. Oh! Very nice :smile: Congrats!
  5. You look great in red Vee! :love: Congrats and Happy Valentines's Day!:heart:
    Hey, mind if I use your thread and please join me in singing Happy Birthday to little miss Shamrock...my darling is 7 today!:whistle:
  6. I LVOE it ! Congrats and happy valentines vee !
  7. SO CUTE!!!! Congrats, I love the color!!!:love:
  8. very cute! you look great!
  9. Looks great! Happy Valentine's Day!

    And Happy Birthday, Shamrock! :smile:
  10. Happy Birthday to Shamrock, Happy birthday to Shamrock and many many more!!! Buster is 8 (he's my pug), so him and Shamrock are very close!!!

    I hope shamrock gets a heart shaped steak tonight!!! :heart:
  11. She got her steak last night and :throwup: on my persian rug---ugh! :push:
    She felt so badly, she's so good....came right up though...no worries.
  12. Oh my god, how cute are they together ! Congrats !
  13. Very nice. Congrats
  14. So nice, love the pomme lexington. congrats.
  15. Congrats! You look FAB in red!!