Happy Valentines Day Mulberry Girls & Boys!

  1. hope you all have a lovely day, and for anyone lucky enough to get a lovley gift from thier dearest..... enjoy!

  2. Must remember to write DH's card before he gets home from work! Gave him a little reminder this morning as we don't usually bother with Valentine's Day - he already knows I love him!
  3. Hahaha!! I sent a card to Andy with a big fat frog on it!!!
  4. I bought DH a heart shaped massage bar from lush that smells of chocolate. Had to stop him eating it!!!!
  5. Have got OH a card and a couple of presents. Off to his tonight to cook a meal together :heart:
  6. Hahaha!! And here it is with 'his' present,*snigger*
    frogs 034.JPG
  7. I love the smell of that shop!!You can smell them from ages away! I bet it would give you a blinding headache after a while tho.Mind you I'm a headachey person anyway,so maybe its just me??
  8. ohhhhh.... lush gives me a migraine!!!! ha ha ha ha!

    i once got a bath bomb from there as a gift and i spent about 3 days scrubbing the bath trying to get rid of the bright pink residue!! :biggrin:
  9. Gave some chocolates and a card to DH. Tiny daughter got a card from her third cousins (2 and 4 y old), so cute! I haven´t got anything yet:wtf:...

    Happy Valentines Day to you all!:heart:
  10. Happy Valentines to everyone.

    Bought sugar cookies last night for DH's present. Kids are making cards for grandparents. It's a fun holiday.
  11. Happy Valentine's Day.

    Chaz, I did the same as you and bought my BF something that I actually wanted, a DVD.
    Feeling bad now though, may have to go shopping at lunchtime...
  12. Chaz, no it's not you - there's a Lush in Bath & I'm sure I can smell it as soon as I drive into the city. That place pongs - my head instantly starts thumping!
  13. Andy got me a few things from there,and I could smell them all wrapped under the tree!!! I do love their stuff,I just can't go in and pick it myself!! But there bath stuff leaves my skin super soft!
  14. Hahaha!! Not as bad as buying him a sodding horse,when its me thats the horse lover!! Hahahaha!! I said 'oh,it looks a bit like a hunter,y'know a mans horse so it made me think of you' What a b*ll sh*tting bugger I am!!! But he actually really does like it! Phew.......:lol:
  15. Zooba,your day sounds just lovely!!:heart: