Happy Valentine's Day every one. Which Bbag do you have a date with tonight?

  1. Happy Valentine's Day Ladies.:heart:
    Me and ms 05 Rouge Day have a date tonight. What about you?:graucho:
    IMG_2086 (2).JPG
    Well, with my husband and me going to Vegas tomorrow I don't think we will be doing much tonight but packing and maybe lovin' on eachother!:nuts: I hope everyone has a great day and night!
  3. seems like a black first night to me!
  4. Hubby and I went to a couples Valentine's party last night, my little silver box came along! We had a great time! Tonight it is dinner with the kids. Happy :heart: day, everybody! :smile:
  5. my Bronze first. gosh, i :heart: that bag!:p
  6. The packers are coming today so we aren't doing anything as it has been an exhausting week, (my first time moving with my baby daughter which is a whole different ballgame) but my all bag babies are coming with me, I couldn't bear to be parted, DH actually first brought it up, which touched me greatly - either he knows how precious they are to me OR LOL I guess when you start to add them all up......!!!!!
    We sort of celebrated yesterday with my black city in tow!

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!
  7. Hmmm...I'm not sure which Bbag I'll be taking with me to dinner tonight. We've had loads of sleet and freezing rain, and while I know it's no longer going to be raining/snowing tonight, I'm not sure that I want to risk bringing one of my Bbags... :sad: :s BUT if I were to bring one of them along, I'm thinking it will be my Ink Shrug!

  8. Happy :heart: Day!!!

    I will be going out to a special dinner w/ my mom & stepdad, I'm outta town so hubby must fend for himself! (I think he's fine with that. ;) )

    I will be taking Ms. Ink First with me, UNLESS my new baby - my lovely Indigo City arrives today - then I am sure she won't be leaving my side!!! Here's hoping for a Valentine's gift from UPS....

  9. :heart: Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :heart:
    Unfortunately my DH is out of province until tomorrow night so it's just me and my little boy tonight at home... :yes:
  10. Aw, cute thread! Have a great Valentine's Day everyone!! I'll be taking my BBGum pink out to dinner tonight! Especially since it's my BF's favourite BBag!!:love:
  11. I wish this was my Valentine!!!:love: :love: :love:

  12. Very appropriate for Valentine's Day!!!!:love: This bag is so stunning!!!:heart:

  13. no date tonight.........bummer. I've been carrying around my cafe' day today, if that counts. Maybe I'll go change my clothes so I can carry my rouge 05......I think that's an appropriate color for the occassion. :smile:
  14. We're planning on having a nice quiet romantic evening at home tonight.:love: I'll probably leave my '04 rose twiggy out, because I think the color is kind of romantic looking, and if I can't be carrying it.......I can atleast glance at it now and then. :smile: Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!!
  15. YES!!!!!!!! Get the rouge '05 out!!!!!!!!!:love: