Happy Turkey Day to all my Chanel Gals

  1. I know its early..but I know alot of people are traveling this holiday so everyone be safe and enjoy there TURKEY week and TURKEY day..
    P.S............Don't spill any gravy or cranberry sauce on the Chanels ..:nuts::nuts: dont want any horror stories on Friday...
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Toni!:flowers:

    To all the lovely ladies of Chanel, have a wonderful holiday!:heart:
  3. happy thanksgiving chanel style! Chanel chanel!!!! lol this will get moved to gd! anyway everyone enjoy your holiday and if your shipping black friday please have a shot of something strong before you go!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you, and your family.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Chanel ladies!
  5. LOL

    happy thanksgiving to you and your family as well!! and to EVERYONE in the purse forum!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving!!! :drinks:
  7. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! Be safe!
  8. Thanks Toni. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone....Belated Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian pf'ers :smile: