Happy to still use my B Bags!

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  1. After having been on a b-bag roll since last fall, recently I have gotten into Hermes bags....which in turn I've been selling other bags I own to help defray the cost! I decided to keep my black first and a new pale rose box -- and I have to say, I love my black first! Sometimes you just need a nice fun, trendy, perfect bag and to me, this covers it! It zips, it's so lightweight, it's flexible (when you need to squish it in your seat) - it's just perfect!! I don't think I'll be without this bag for a long time.....I am awaiting protectant spray for the pale rose as I am a little frightened of the light color, but I know that bag will have it's place too. So I just wanted to come over and say hi and how much I still love the B bags!:love:
  2. They really are like your favorite pair of slippers, they just fit when you want a great, casual, bag.

    They really are a joy to carry, you don't need to worry about them, and they don't scream "look at me".

    I don't think they are trendy for all the reasons I mentioned, I think their discreet nature will keep them timeless.
  3. Hi shoes! Good to "see" you! I have been using my cornflower box and LOVE it....I don't think I'll ever tire of B-bags :smile:
  4. I miss mine sooooo. :sad:
  5. After purchasing FOUR Chloes in the last two months, sending one back, selling another to a lovely PF member, and debating the other two, when my B-bag arrived I hoped it would knock me out of the Chloe obsession. I opened the back and I was like "what???"...then I put my things in it, took her out for a spin, and I can say that I plan to use this as my primary back for the summer. That is, unless I get another color. Still deciding on the Chloes, but the B-bag is definitely staying, and I can't wait to see the new bags for fall!
  6. WEll there are certain times you just don't want to carry other more 'noticeable' bags....and last night and today were 2 of them for me and I still really think they are a great bag! I also love the ability to use as a handheld and/or shoulder - and it's not fussy. I have a mulberry rosemary, which I like, but I realized today it's fussy to get in and out of and it may have to find a new home...I think I'm making my bags earn a spot in my purse collection LOL:blink:

    Nice to 'see' you too smallfry!

    ET which bag did you get?
  7. I am also loving my B-bag. I don't find it to be a beautiful bag, but it's such a joy to carry! It's so lightweight, so no shoulder or back pain like with some of my MJs, and it truly fits everything. Went shopping the other day and kept loading my purchases inside and the bag still looked great.

    Plus I think I'm getting an attachment to the tassels. I find myself fondling the tassels as I carry the bag. Anyone else catch themselves doing this? I've really got to watch myself in public!
  8. I too am enjoying my Ink City and yes, have been caught playing with my tassels and just staring at my gorgeous bag in public. My DH says its embarassing, and actually believes that I would sooner sell him on ebay than my dear b-bag! (He may be right! LOL)
  9. I love holding the handles and the lightweightness of the bags. I've been rotating with the Chloe Paddington satchel and the LV perforated speedy and keep coming back to the Twiggy more and more!
  10. b-bags are the best! There's nothing to hate about them. Great colors, lightweight, lots of diffent shapes and sizes .... fabulous!
  11. Shoes319, I got the ink City and I LOVE it! When I unwrapped it I thought "oh man, it's shiny and the leather is paper thin" but then I put my stuff in it, and I am in love. So far not madly in love with any of my Chloes.

    Valerieb, the first thing I noticed myself doing was playing with the tassels (while I was talking to students even!)...they are so soft...like suede almost.
  12. totally agree! :nuts: :nuts:
  13. I think my favorite thing about them is probably the lightweight aspect. When you carry around your kitchen sink, it's best for your bag to start off lightweight. :smile:
  14. i just ordered one from a fellow pf-er in rouge.. i cant wait!!! i love it already
  15. It's the same story for me shoes! ;)

    I've been selling a lot of my Bbags to defray the cost of Hermes ... but I'm keeping one, my ink city which my husband gave me. It's so lightweight and a really fun bag. The color is also amazing! Plus, with the city, I can also put my small laptop.

    may - congrats on your rouge twiggy ;)