happy to see gryson olivia holding value

  1. I got an email (from Neiman Marcus, as I recall) yesterday advertising bags. I saw my Olivia for over $1,000. I got it at Nordies half yearly sale. So happy to see it's still being sold for full retail. Maybe I'm just neurotic but it botheras me when I buy something and then I see it being clearanced out...esp. if it's soon afterwards. Or when I see it on eBay for substantially less than I paid. I've stopped looking at at eBay to save myself that aggravation.
  2. Cool :tup: I love my Olivia. It is such a great bag :heart:
  3. I am happy and mad at the same time! I love my leather Olivia so much that I want to find a nylon one on sale, and I can't!!!! Ahhh!!
  4. Thats great!

    Anyone know when the Gryson spring line comes out?!?!?!
  5. Hi Ladies -

    I just purchased my first Gryson Oliva. How does the bag hold up? And do you know if they stopped selling the bag at Nordies? I didn;t see it listed online. I was just wondering if it lost its popularity?
  6. I asked and Gryson allowed me to pre-order a Spring bag. When I made payment I asked Wade when the Spring line will show up on the website he said late February or early March. I went crazy for that Bag that was mistaken for a Target bag. It's the Alexa and I got it in Dusty pink although it comes in Dark Grey and Black also and I think white. Price 975.00.
  7. My Olivia is holding up very well. It's dark brown with black trim and I've carried it every day since I got it. No signs of wear except that I snipped off a little piece of thread on the handle. Excecpt for possibly the handles, I think this bag in the dark color will be indestructible. And so far, handles are fine. I know not many of the ladies on this forum use their bags daily but with this one being so neutral in color and functional, I've had no reason to switch...can't remember when I got it but it was Nordies half yearly sale...October?
  8. Ooh, thats awesome. Post pics when you get it!

    I've been looking for a black bag for the past month, and have a few options in mind, but am holding out for the Spring Gryson's. Hopefully, there's something I like.