Happy times!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. Sometimes the stress of being a grad student and teacher and grader and friend and long distance girlfriend completely does me in, and today is one of those days :sad: I need to hear some happy news! Please post some happy messages about your own lives or happy news in general to cheer me (and anyone else who's feeling way bummed out) up! I want to feel like this :yahoo: by the end of the day!
  2. i have no happy happy joy joy news to share

    jsut the message and the knowledge from experience that it does and will get better
  3. i felt like this the other day. *hugs* my life motto lately has become this too shall pass....it always has before. :yes:

    i'm going to see wicked tonight!! i'm SO excited about it...actually way more than i should be (probably due to the horrendous week/month i've had). so, i'll send some of it your way.

    feel better! :flowers:
  4. Well, nothing really great happened to me today...unless you count the fact that my kitten just came up to me and licked my nose (which I find pretty special!)........

    But I do have some ideas to share about how you can cheer yourself up. These always work for me.

    1. Go for a long walk, take a nice bubble bath, or curl up and read that book you've been meaning to start.
    2. Go buy a cup of your favorite coffee/tea/hot chocolate.
    3. See if you can get a spur-of-the-moment massage/pedicure/facial, etc.
    4. Buy something small that cheers you up...lipstick/eyeshadow/nail polish..whatever it may be.
    5. Call a friend or family member that always makes you laugh
    6. Keep reading this forum...these fantastic folks here have a way of making my grayest days seem better! We're here if you need a good chat, laugh, or cry! :yes:
  5. Aww, everyone here is so sweet!!! Thanks for all the nice messages! I'm definitely going to take a nice hot bath tonight with some of my fav coffee (pumpkin spice, mmm) and I may just order myself that Chanel lipstick I've been eyeing ;) You ladies are the best!

    ilzabet, have fun at Wicked, it's great!
  6. Pumpkin spice, eh? Sounds like you'll be going for a Starbucks run!! That's my current favorite right now as well. Or do you have some at home you make in that flavor?

    Too bad I can't order as many of those lovely pumpkin cream cheese muffins they also sell this time of year! :P I don't even wanna know how much fat and calories in those!

    By the way, I thought of one more thing that makes me feel better...exercise and yoga. Even a few stretches will help clear your mind, and make you sleep better tonight!

    I am glad to see you plan on treating yourself tonight...you deserve it. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now...make sure you take some time out for YOU!!
  7. Aw, vanjr9! today is just a weird day.

    My happy news is that I got the job I applied for at Smith Optics, and I start thursday. I'll be making 3x :nuts: what I was making at my old job! Woohoo!:yahoo:

    sending big hugs your way! :tender: Feel better!:flowers:
  8. Hope you feel less stressed out soon, vanojr9.

    Take care
  9. I actually think you have nice problems...you are able to go to school, involved with educating and teaching others, have friends and you are loved...
  10. did the bath work? i hope you're feeling much better today (and you ordered that lipstick for yourself!). :flowers:

    (and the show WAS great!! :love:)

    the suggestion to try and book a last minute facial/massage/mani/pedi/etc. was a really good one. that's what i usually do and it always helps.
  11. Yes, I am definitely feeling better today, especially because my boyfriend got a job interview in town :yahoo: !!! Keep your fingers crossed for us, maybe no more long distance relationship!

    Oh, and as one poster mentioned, yes, these are good problems to have :shame: but sometimes I feel pulled in too many directions, and letting too many people down in the process! But hopefully things balance out better soon!