Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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  1. Just wanted to wish everyone a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! eat lots, drink lots and spend little :smile:
  2. oh I will DEF be eating!

    I am fasting for today so I can prepare for tomorrow! i am eating at 2 places tomorrow lol so I need all the room I can get! then the bar proably that night at like 12 for drinks and dancing and then the next morning SHOPPING!!
  3. oh yeah, happy turkey day!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving all...and good luck to all those, like me, who have do to all the cooking!
  5. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  6. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone :flowers:

  7. ^^^ Cuuuuute picture!!!!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I hope everyone enjoys the day with their friends & family!!!
  8. Have a wondeful Thanksgiving everyone!!!
  9. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!
  10. Happy Thanksgiving!

    (Eat some stuffing for me?)

    I plan on just cooking something tomorrow, but my parents sent me a little money to get something "Thanksgiving-y."

    I got some mince tarts and some shortbread cookies to have after dinner.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
  12. Happy THanksgiving everyone!! I'm working 3p-7a tomorrow, so I won't be at home to celebrate. Which is why I'm celebrating today...lunch @ Benihana with some friends, then to my bf's friends' house for a pre-thanksgiving dinner.
  13. happy gobble gobble day everyone!!!
  14. happy thanksgiving everyone!!! eat awayyyyy, there's lots of shopping to be done ;)
  15. Just wanted to say...


    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Don't eat too much! You need your strength to do alot of shopping between now and X-Mas! :lol:
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