Happy Thanksgiving TPF!!!

Nov 8, 2006
To my TPF family,

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope u are all warm and with loved ones and have a delicious meal plans for tonight!

I have come to know so many of you through TPF and I've so thankful for that.

I know some of you better than others but i've met a whole lot of amazing women here!

Some of you are stylish, smart, kind, caring and the list goes on.... Some of you are all of that! :yes:

I love the fact that many TPFers are there for each other and we support each other. TPFers are here to help one another through the tough times and share in the celebration of good times!

Many people in real life do not want to open up to others and I love that many TPFers are willing to open up and share the lessons learned and good advice with others. Many of our older and wiser TPFers have given really good advice and perspective and I value that so much.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful TPFers especially all those of you that are always there for everyone. I wanted to list you gals but i'm so scared I'm going to leave someone out! :P



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Jun 13, 2007
Yep I know I'm definitely thankful for tpf! I think this forum has the best selection of people! Whoo hoo us!! Happy thanksgiving everyone!! (I'm on here waiting for Turkey to finish..eep!)

Bubble Girl

May 29, 2007
Happy Thanksgiving to you too Bubbles!!! I hope you have a lovely time with much food, glorious food, drinks and smiles and laughter!!!

Bubble Girl:drinkup:


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
With all our individual problems, we are blessed to have this community. Bubbles, no matter what you are going through, you are always supportive of others when they need it. I truly hope you're having a good Thanksgiving break from school/work.

Sometimes it's more comfortable to open up online, than face-to-face. Some of the nicest people I've ever met in my life are here on the Purse Forum.