Happy Thanksgiving Canada- Coach offers free shipping

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  1. YES!!!!! Finally!!!!! I am making my list and checkin' it twice.....

    You just enter the code: CANADA when checking out for the free ship! Have fun Canada!

  2. Yes, just saw this too! ABOUT TIME! LOL!
  3. Yay....finally is right!!!!:graucho:
  4. So is anyone going to order? I am!!!
  5. ^^ I am considering .. will take a trip to the mall in a few hours to see what I can get (want to exchange a couple of things) and then perhaps may order something from that black Graffiti line -- I LOVE it in the black :smile:!

    What are you thinking of Ponytail??
  6. I'm looking at the Poppy luxe glam tote in Grape Soda!! I just love it!

    Is there a tote in that silver /black multi line/ I hadn't noticed it before!
  7. ^^ ooh .. sounds nice. What is the item number on that one?

    There is no tote in the black graffiti line yet .. I remember seeing somewhere on here that there will be one, but for now, there are only a few smaller items and a scarf (e.g. #44586).
  8. ^^ Very nice. I really like the purple (wish it had silver though instead of gold) :smile:!
  9. Keep in mind you are going to be charged DUTY on your stuff....
  10. wholly high estimates for duty, cheaper to buy from the boutique :smile:

    I was looking at ordering the small poppy graffiti wristlet for $48, the duties estimated was around $11 (total ~ $60). Buy in-store for $54.24 lol
  11. yikes I just checked and the estimation was over $20 more than I thought it would be ( even factoring Canada posts $5 handling fee!!

    Do they reimburse if they are off?
  12. I suppose all the duty etc, would be worth it if you love the bag and have to have it AND was not available in the Canadian stores or sold out in the Canadian stores...

    Anyone know if the online purchases are returnable at the local Canadian stores? Or do they have to be returned to JAX?