Happy Super Bowl Sunday

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  1. Everyone have a fun day spending it with friends, or at the local pub.!!!

    The Ponies have arrived:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. I never watch the super bowl! But, cheers to all of those who do! Have fun!
  3. Wohoo, this is going to be my first Superbowl :biggrin: I have no idea what the rules of this game is, we don't have football in Sweden. But I'm going to drink beer and have fun LOL
  4. The rules of the game Swedie- is to pick out the cutest bum!!:graucho::p
  5. ooooh, now that I can do!! :yahoo:
  6. Have fun everyone!
  7. :roflmfao: And to root for the team w/the 'cutest uniforms'!?:roflmfao:
  8. ...and of course.. beer.
  9. It's happy for me b/c my fiancee is NOT a football fan!
  10. I think that a Bear can eat a Pony...but maybe the Pony can outrun a Bear?
    Yea...that's how I pick which which team is going to win....this game is going to be a tough one to pick LOL

  11. Twiggers... I call the Colts by two Ludlow wallets and a ronde and a groom...:p
  12. DAMN! Tom Brady isn't playing!!! :crybaby:

  13. :roflmfao: I was just talking to hubby and I have it figured out. In the larger scheme of things a Bear could NEVER catch a Pony...so there is no chance the Bear could eat it....so I'm predicting the Colts!

  14. :party::party::party::drinks::drinks::drinks:
    So you and your DH are cordially invited to our Superbowl Party...
    What you drinking.. we have beer, beer and more beer....
  15. It's freakin CRAZY in this city right now! 2 times a year that Indy it the best place to be~ NFL playoff season & Indy 500 week:nuts: :yahoo: :drinks:

    [​IMG]<----------------I'm guessin this guy started early!