Happy St. Patrick's month! Let's see those March purchases! :)

  1. Post away!! :smile:
  2. My gris pyrite velo with gold hardware!! I LOVE THE VELO!!!!!! I'm 5"8 almost and it is just perfect!!! Love the longer strap and longer bag!!

    Gris pyrite is a really beautiful medium grey- very nice neutral and my first grey bbag!

  3. I am looking for the right grey Bal and this may be it. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  4. fanTABulous bag GP velo!!! I'll be raking the pyrite plunge soon - it really is the perfect grey...
  5. bleu dragee velo with silver hardware
  6. Cute color!! :smile:
  7. Rose Azalee Giant Gold Continental Zip Around

  8. This is beautiful!
  9. Do you like? I had no clue I would walk out with this one. DH says it is totally too big for me. He thinks I need to switch for the City. ????
    Any bad things so far about this color? Good? Bad? What about the pastel green instead? Or I could switch for the cardinal red. That's what I set out to get, but ...
  10. Depends on whether you like big bags! I'm 5'1" so when I try on the Velo it almost looks as big as my torso so I can't wear it haha. I think it's a nice color, esp with the silver hardware. It's cute with either silver or gold hardware actually. With the Vert Jade, I like it with the gold hardware more; silver hardware makes it too washed out/pale.

    Do you yourself like the City or Velo more? It's about what YOU like, not necessary what DH says! :smile:
  11. I am 5' 3.5". I like the fact it is roomier than the City. I doubled up the strap and it is pretty comfy.
    DH is pretty handbag savvy. He is so funny. Italian only. I can live with that! LOL!
    What is great about him is he will tell me what he really feels instead of what he thinks I want to hear. I appreciate that.
    Hmm. The green City with gold h/w was there. Pretty. Also the pinkey peachy City and Velo were there. I had a time deciding! I guess I'm still having a hard time.
  12. Beautiful wallet and I love the color! Congrats. :smile:
  13. Well if you're comfortable with the Bleu Dragee then DH will eventually warm up to it! :smile: The Velo's cross body strap is definitely a plus compared to the City's strap, which always seems to slide down my shoulder. Just remember if you're not 100% in love, don't keep it! Never settle for anything less than what you absolutely love! :smile:
  14. Thanks Marinuzzi! ^_^
  15. Quick change:
    Bleu Dragee City with silver hardware. I'm happy now. :smile:
    (so happy I couldn't even wait to get out of the parking lot before taking a pic)
    This one makes my heart sing.