Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  1. So, are you going to be Irish for one day? Wear green? Drink green beer? Kiss the Blarney Stone? Nothing?

  2. Jillybean and I are goin out tonight..LOL..MU HA HA HA......to celebrate bdays and St Pattys day.....choc martinis and all...HEEHEE!!!!!
  3. That sounds so fun! Have a great time!! Wait, you are married, how come you get to ditch DH on a Saturday?
  4. Happy St.Patty's all. Don't drink the reen beer. ;)
  5. IGal! Happy Saint Pattys!
    I gotta work tonight but even if I didn't I'm on the wagon....
    And Jill - you be safe out there!
    Have fun everyone! Drink responsibly!
  6. Yep. Were wearing green over here, and were all going out to a Irish restaurant tonight to celebrate.

    Happy St Patricks Day :yahoo:
  7. Love this day!! Wearing green today and using a green handbag! :p Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!
  8. Wearing green today and hopefully having a girls night out! Happy St. Patty's Day!!
  9. It's also my son's B-day! WHOOO HOOO We were all rocking green at Chuck E Cheese! LOL
  10. Happy St Patricks day all! I miss being away from home (Liverpool) today as us scousers love celebrating St Paddys day! xx
  11. Happy birthday to your DS!!
    I wore my green top to lunch.:yes:
  12. My dh is making cornbeef and cabbage as we speak!
  13. ^^Wish I could invite myself over..yum!
  14. i work an army green Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt today! ;)
  15. Happy st. patricks day.