Happy St. Patrick's Day all! Got your GREEN on?

  1. Your COACH green that is...


    Top Left - Hamptons Weekend bag in Green (07)
    Top Right - Hamptons Weekend tote in Lime (05?)
    Bottom Left - Signature Gallery tote in Khaki/Grass (05?)
    Bottom Right - Signature E/W Duffle in Grass (05..and incidently, today is this bag's 2 Year Birthday...I received this, in the mail, on St. Patrick's Day 05! So OF COURSE I'm using this bag now!)

    Enjoy your day all! If you're in the Northeast like me - be careful diggin' out!
  2. Aah so cute! I love it :nuts: Happy St. Patty's Day. Too bad it's disgusting here in the Northeast..everyone stay safe!
  3. Adorable post ;) Can you give me the style number of the grass green signature duffle? I want to add it to my wishlist of stuff to keep an eye out for.

    Yes, we are digging out here in NJ. We were literally "iced in" this morning and dh had to remove a window from our sun porch to get out and get the doors to open. :sad: Yesterday as I was driving home I saw a young girl flip her car over onto its roof! Thankfully, all the kids got out and everyone was ok. Is it insane that I also noticed that both of the girls had cute Coach bags? :yes:
  4. Sure thing...

    From the "drilldown":
  6. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!! :yahoo:

    I don't have any green handbags, but I am going to dig out my "Everyone loves an Irish girl" tee... Fun!!! :greengrin:
  7. Happy St Patricks day everyone, Dewey, love your green collection!

    I got a green scarf at the outlet last night, will probably tie it in my hair later.
    green 001.jpg
  8. I like mine alot! It's VERY similar to the new Hamptons one out...smidge smaller maybe, but still roomy enough for day-to-day stuff. With the expanding nature of the new one, I can fit more "stuff" in it...but the lime one worked really well for me last summer! And the trim on it has patina'd (sp?) very nicely!

    I bought that lime one off eBay myself...think I paid around $150 for it last spring.

    Looking at them side by side...I really didn't NEED the new green one...but it's so pretty!
  9. I absolutely LOVE your green gallery tote!
  10. Very cute bags! You are def in the St Patricks day spirit!

  11. So do I!! And I always drool a little bit every time I see that grass green duffle.......:drool:
  12. Love all the bags ladies!!!
  13. Wow I love your bags!!
  14. I love your signature gallery tote. Very pretty!