Happy/sad story, hopefully it ends well...

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  1. So about a month ago my 17 yr old cousin (who has 4 month old baby and lives with her 19 yr old bf:s) found a stray 6 mo? old mixed lab puppy. The puppy kept showing up at her door and wouldn't go away. So she has been keeping him mostly indoors and lets him out to potty. She decided to keep him, which bothered me because she has no money for vet visits, nuetering, or shots. Anyway, she calls me 3 or 4 days ago saying the dog has been having diarrehea and vomiting for a day. I assume she fed him something bad, and forget about it. Until yesterday, she calls again saying he has not eaten and not stopped vomiting for 4 days and will barely move. I tell her to rush him the vet, she has no money. So after thinking about it all night, I decide to put up $150 to at least get him vet checked today, and and possiblely an IV. I got her into my dogs' vet and paid the $150. Well, he has parvo (worst case senario, as I was hoping it would be something easier to treat), but my vet is working a payment plan with her. So he is now hospitalized there, and my vet thinks he may make it. The dog obviously has a strong desire to live, because most dogs would not have made it that many days with no nourishment. Please keep Brody in your prayers.
    Forgot to mention, he will be getting his shots before the vet releases him, if he makes it.
  2. Wow, so sorry to hear this! Sending Brody countless positive healing vibes his way!!!
  3. I'm sorry that Brody isn't doing well. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.
  4. I hope he gets better. :flowers:
  5. poor pup :sad:
  6. Best of luck...thank you so much for caring about this sweet boy :smile:
  7. He sounds like a fighter... i know he'll make it through. that was so sweet of you to offer your money and time so he'll have a chance. i'm sure he knows he's a lucky pup :smile:
  8. here some hugs :heart: and love...what the update?
  9. So today Brody is doing fairly well. They had him on fluids, anti-vomiting meds, and have controlled him sypthoms somewhat since he arrived yesterday afternoon. The vet plans on trying a small amount of solid food to see if he can hold it down. Apparently they think he may make it. :woohoo: I hope they get him well sooner than later for his sake mostly and for my cousin's financial state. They are charging her $200 for each full day of hospital stay.
  10. Aww, poor little guy! I'm glad to hear that he's doing a bit better, though. My thoughts are with your cousin and her puppy...
  11. Poor little guy!!! I am sending my thoughts his way. Thank you SO much for stepping in and getting this little man the help he needed! You are an angel!
  12. Brody is doing great. He's home with my cousin, and holding food and water down now. He actually lived through the parvo after almost 5 days with no vet care, amazing... My cousin owes $468 after the $120 I paid, but at least he made it. He needs to be nuetered and she needs to pay a $100 pet deposit, although the landlord hasn't pushed the issue. So I'm researching rescue groups that may help her with some of this financially, but again at least he is OK so far.:yahoo:
  13. shes lucky to have such a sweet cousin. good to hear the pup is doing well
  14. That pup is a tough one! So happy he made it through!