Happy Reveal! 1996 Black Box Plume - She's Pristine!

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  1. #1 Mar 30, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2016
    So excited to share a serendipitous find....a 1996 Black Box Plume 32 that just arrived at my doorstep this morning. Whoever owned her before must have stored her away for 16 years because she's practically untouched as far as I can tell.

    I've admired the Plume for many years and am very excited to add this beauty to my rotation. In Box, it is light as a feather and the 32 does fit over my shoulder (though not with a coat). I know Black Box can seem formal/dressy, but I like wearing it casually - and in this style and size, I think I've found my box Birkin substitute!

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  2. Congrats! The Plume is a great bag and somewhat undiscovered so the resale prices are good. This is a wonderful and practical choice for everyday. Have fun wearing it!
  3. Love the Plume, yours is TDF and the perfect size IMO. Congrats!!!
  4. Thank you gracekelly! I agree - I've long admired the Plume. I find that I am less enamoured of carrying my Birkins anymore...too heavy :sad: Have been using other bags more (Kellys, Paris Bombay 37). Am excited to have Ms Plume!!!
  5. :heart: Thank you!
  6. Lovely, I adore the Plume as I'm sure you will.
  7. Beautiful bag, congrats! May i know from where you bought iy? I am also looking for plume in 32 or 28, i believe it comes in Togo leather too? If so it would be more casual. Yours is a beauty, enjoy in good health.
  8. Congratulations and enjoy!
  9. That is GORGEOUS!!
  10. Hi :smile: I'd been keeping an eye on Ebay and with other resellers I'm familiar with. This bag I ended up buying from StandingPoint (Japanese online seller). They had it listed on Ebay but we worked off of Ebay on a better price. I know StandingPoint is a reputable seller overall and I'm pretty well-versed on authentication issues when I'm going the pre-loved route, so I felt good about the transaction going into it. (Caveat: If you are not super H-experienced - and even if you are but not familiar with a specific bag style - you should always get help authenticating).

    I've personally seen the Plume in Boxcalf, Fjord, Vache Naturale, Evercalf, and Chevre - plus Croc and Ostrich. Also suede and multi-leather. I'm sure it was/is made in other leathers too!
  11. Gorgeous and chic. Congrats!
  12. Lovely, congrats!
  13. My very favourite H bag, congratulations :ps:
  14. Fantastic eye for a great choice of plume. Congrats!
  15. It's beautiful!! That leather is so gorgeous!! :cloud9: