Happy returns to the Shopping Haven

  1. Am sooo excited!! To celebrate Chinese New Year, DH and I visited with family friends in HK. We arrived a couple of days ago, hungry after an early morning flight and being detained by the immigration because someone used DH’s stolen passport after it was declared lost…well not really our best idea to start a holiday, but then the idea of eating something scrumptious for a late lunch and the thought of what was in store for us in the next few days made it easier for us to leave the ordeal behind.

    At 3 pm, we headed to the noodle shop on Sharp St. in Causeway Bay. The famous congee, braised eafu noodles, and a plate of fried wonton do wonders to calm frazzled nerves.
    DSC09156.JPG DSC09157.JPG DSC09158.JPG
  2. The air was festive as locals prepare to welcome the Year of the Rat. Some shops would be closed for the holidays, so the first chance we got in between running errands, we just had to go back to BV Harbour City to see what’s in the store.

    I had expected to see some bags for the spring line, but a lot of the items in the resort line were still in the shelves (oceano and moutarde). Saw the club stripe french flap wallet (blue/green/white/black/brown), and the combination is even more beautiful in person. However, the store does not have the club stripe cosmetic case. Checked out the animal coin purses (fish in blue, froggie in brown, ladybug in black) but I will need to do some thinking on this first since I can’t decide which one I like best.
  3. So it was voting time once again!! DH and the SAs chose between the cabat, new ball bag and the old ball bag.

    And the winner is…
    BVBall1.JPG BVBall2.JPG BVBall3.JPG
  4. It was just beautiful and felt right under the arm. Has anyone ever put on a purse and knew at that moment that it was truly the right one? I had been trying this on in the local BV shop and had been quite taken by this for a couple of months now, but right at that moment, I knew this was coming home with me.
    BVBall4.JPG BVBall5.JPG BVBall6.JPG BVBall7.JPG
  5. Happy new year everyone! What a lovely souvenir for someone who was born in the year of the Rat. :biggrin:

    A closer look at the lovely nero weave. Hmmm, this came with a mirror too.
    BVBall8.JPG BVBall9.JPG BVBall10.JPG BVBall11.JPG
  6. I had gotten so much mileage out of my ebano campana, and decided to get another dark colored bag as an alternate bag. The SA told me it was sold out before and they had reordered it, but there were only 2 left in the shop, the one on display and this one in stock.

    I asked whether the shop had items in ottone, the SA told me to try the landmark shop, where some of the spring items will be available. I told DH then that I can’t leave HK until I’ve visited all the BV shops, hehe.
  7. hooray! sum! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    what a great way to celebrate the new year...hong kong! no less!

    the old ball bag is absolutely gorgeous...I can wait to see it IRL...you have to show me when you get back :girlsigh:

    enjoy the rest of your stay and do keep us posted as you visit the BV shops there...happy new year! cheers! :drinkup:
  8. The bag is a beauty with a lovely sheen :tup: The rat souvenir is cute.

    Now for the action pics :wlae:
  9. Very beautiful Sum, I love the old ball bag, it's so functional as well as beautiful and that nero colour will go with everything!
  10. Happy new year of the rat Sum! You let it begin with delicious dishes and eye-candy!

    Congrats on the Ball!
  11. What a great way to start the new year of the rat(the clever one), Sum! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!!
    Mmmm, noodles...wontons....:drool:
  12. First of all, it's a yummy pictures you posted there.. to start of my morning routine here, it make me sooo hungry..

    Congrats on your new ball bag.. nero is so pretty & classy in ball..
  13. Your food pics are making me drool!! :drool:

    But your BV Ball is making me drool even more!! :drool::drool:
  14. Congrats Sum! And Gong Hei Fatt Choy to another "Rat" (my younger sister is also a "Rat"!)

    Enjoy HK and all the potential shopping! ;)
  15. happy new year and congrats on your new purchase!!

    please let us know what you see at the Landmark. i might stop over HK on saturday and would love to check out the BV boutiques but might only have time to see one, so your recommendation would be really helpful, heheh.

    enjoy the rest of your vacation!! :smile: