Happy poppy Valentine's Day! (little something reveal...)

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  1. Today was a good day to shop. It's also Valentine's day and Chinese New Year :yahoo:

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  2. and here comes very small reveal...:blush:

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  3. Okay let's see more
  4. There's a new bag too (not a Coach)!

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  5. cool, what is in the plastic bag?
  6. ^some gummy candies
  7. Very cute! Congratulations!!

    I never realized it had an open side. Are they all like this?
  8. How cool! I cant wait for the new Poppy girls to come out!
  9. very awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. That id wallet is soooo cute! I love it!
  11. That mini is too cute!
  12. congrats!!
  13. Oh you can get those in the US? The yellow poppy ID? so cute!! Love those ID's.
  14. Happy Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year!!!!

    The Poppy mini skinny is very cute!!!
    Congrats on all your new goodies!!!! Enjoy!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  15. Nice!