Happy Opening Day!!

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  1. Any MLB fans here? Myself, I am a LONG Suffering SF Giants fan........they look to be extremely horrendous this year. When I was a kid, I actually caught a home run ball that Barry Bonds hit!! Then I became a Giants fan all over again when the JT Snow family moved into our neighborhood, and he was so so nice ;). Am I the only baseball fan here?? What teams do you cheer for? Happy Spring :tup:
  2. AHH, Sorry Sweetdreams - but a LA Dodger fan here!! I bleed Dodger Blue!!

    I have a long history of rooting for the Dodgers - despite how horrible they've performed. Dad and my uncles would always pull us kids out of school on Opening Day (despite my mom's plea of school being more important). Funny....all the teachers knew why all us cousins were "out sick" one day each Spring. We came back the next day all tanned and laughing. :lol:

    When I was in college, that was always my "one absence" for the semester. Sadly, now I must stay at work, but I'm watching the game on the internet. :nuts:

    Oh, and um, sorry, they're already ahead of your Giants 4-0. :yahoo::shame::angel:
  3. I'm a Cubs girl - maybe this will be our year! :tup:
  4. How I always envied the Dodgers and their fans........The pretty blue and white uni's, the dodger dogs, a clean dodger stadium, and now, the eat all you want section!!! And you also stole Ned Coletti and Jason Schmidt (though I think his best years are behind him):yes:

    It's going to be a loooooong year for us Giants fans :crybaby: Oh well, I'll get some sun and work on my tan at the park! :wlae:
  5. I was born on the North Side of Chicago and spent almost my entire life there and I will ALWAYS be a cubbies fan!!! Cross fingers this will be the year.:yahoo:

    My hubby is a Red Sox fan and is always making fun of me and my family when the Cubs don't win. But he does not know loyalty to a team!!!
  6. I'm a Pirates fan...their last winning season was when I was in 9th grade :lol: I have a feeling that trend is going to continue. We can't afford any good players and trade away the good ones we do have.

    I love baseball...because it means that spring is officially here! I love PNC Park in the summertime :tup:
  7. [​IMG]
    bleeding Dodger blue since 1969.
  8. Red Sox Fan - I think there are two of us in Alabama ... my dad and I! :P
  9. Ohh no the Yankees game was canceled:tdown:
  10. SOOO Excited!

    I'm an A's girl, but the Giants farm team plays in my town, they send the injued Giants down here, so I feel obligated to root for them, too. I actually saw the Giants play the farm team last week - the farm team won. :shame::lol:

  11. Go Cleveland Indians!!!
  12. Go Cubs G:huh:OOO...GO CUBS GOOOOOO....Hey Chicago What'dya say THE CUBS ARE GUNNA WIN TODAY!!!:party:
  13. I grew up at the 'Stick - and I wouldn't trade that for ANYTHING. I loved being a part of changing UUUUUUUUUUUUU-----------RIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Kevin Mitchell was my hero. I would cry when we would go to games and he had a day off...I had the biggest crush on Royce Clayton and Will the Thrill sent chills down my spine when he did the grimace at the plate.

    I am from a huge baseball family - my parents met playing slowpitch softball and I still play. It's definitely the family of sport closest to my heart and it runs in my veins.

    Seriously, I love the Giants and always will, no matter how terrible they are or no matter how hard it is for them to field a consistent team that sticks around for a long time. I'm the same way with the Niners.

    Nothin finer!
  14. I totally agree! They won last the opener last night...and are now 1-0. But, as I said to my co-workers this morning, "It's all downhill from here......".

    Sad, but most likely true!! LOVE the ballpark though!'

    Go Pens!!
  15. We're Detroit Tigers fans (my boyfriend more than me). I can't stand watching baseball on tv, though, but we're hoping to go to a game in May or June.