Happy November! Share your November Chanel Goodies!

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  1. Hello Tpfers! Share your November goodies with us!
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  2. I must admit that La Pausa is the perfect name for the new collection as I need to take a “break” and re-assess my desire for Chanel with the price increase...
  3. Not buying anything soon frm chanel and I actually feel good about it. For the first time! Just Can't justify the price.
  4. I'm with everyone here. I was planning on getting a reissue before the price increase and maybe a Gabrielle before the end of the year but I just can't tolerate this price increases anymore. So no Chanel bags for me anytime soon. I think they are taking advantage of us because we would buy their products no matter the cost so they keep doing it. Every year there is a price increase. Sometimes it's big like the bags, sometimes it's a little quieter like what they did a few months ago with the SLGs. This is just ridiculous. I think we should take a pause from buying and let the company feel what they're doing have consequences. It's not like the quality is getting better to justify the price because quality is really bad right now. =(
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  5. I want to get a mini flap. And a black Gabrielle.
    But I never find one in Toronto, which is a good thing.
  6. This is on its way! My new (to me) new medium boy in light grey caviar with aged gold hardware.
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  7. I am lusting after a small Gabrielle but have told myself that no new bags until I can declutter a bit and also payoff the last of my credit card debt. I am proud to say this month one more got paid off, and I only have one last one to pay off-which will take a few months. But these nonstop price increases make you not want to wait!!
  8. My cruise pink medium flap! ❤️

    I can't believe I'm so excited to have a pink bag. I never would have expected this.

  9. Love your new to you Boy, itlin! Love the Barbie pink, yoga1566! Congrats to you both!
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  10. Waiting on my medium Cruise deauville should be here tomorrow I’m on same boat as a lot of you I can’t justify these massive price increases I am getting thrown on the sideline of only being able to afford small leather goods I will post a pic as soon as it arrives
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  11. PINK here too!!! And found these fantastic earrings at J Crew that just go perfect! IMG_1541118706.587339.jpg
  12. B!TCH YES LOL I want the mini I am drooling
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  13. Congratulations to @lms910 and @yoga1566 Gorgeous color :heart:
    How’s the caviar look? Shiny (like 18S) or matte? Does it look like the classic caviar? I remember 18C caviar was matte.
  14. 7EAC32FA-F149-4F3C-86FB-6F91388901CE.jpeg 2B64B2FA-DEAF-4FBC-B930-F0070A6A9CD3.jpeg 48C3BF9B-4E86-4DDE-B356-72D8DD55E6B1.jpeg 77597992-6454-4320-8A03-D198CE2FA817.jpeg My dh got me this as a first anniversary present AFTER the price increase
    i didn’t know that he would actual buy me one at the last day of our trip which was Nov 2. a day after the price increase. i do not know exactly what to feel cause he couldve saved 300usd more if only i had known he would actually buy me one then we would have probably got one before the increase nonetheless im really happy with it and thankful, and could not believe i have a chanel classic flap of my own. this is MY Chanel Classic Double Flap M/L in Caviar Leather with Silver Hardware. insane.
  15. Congrats on your new beauty!
    Enjoy it in good health
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