Happy news, after I bit the bullet...

  1. And took my ban above and beyond. I returned a small pile of bags today, that I had purchased and never even looked at since. It wasn't even that scary! I actually got really friendly and courteous service.

    I felt bad returning so much, so I did a partial exchange for the medium signature stripe zip around wallet (picture below.)


    My ban buddy agreed I haven't broken the ban. Now I am swimming in store credit which I am hiding in my husband's underwear drawer until January at the very least.

    But he HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY part:
    This wallet has legacy lining! It makes me so happy just to open the change zip part. I don't miss my returns at all, and it is much more meaningful to me because I will actually be using it, rather than leaving it in the closet gathering dust on the dustcover. :smile:
  2. Love that wallet - it is so fun to use. You'll really like it!
  3. Well, good for you. You really are an inspiration for all of us who are jobless, broke, banned...and soo in :heart: with Coach.
  4. I'm very proud of you Cinediva! You did an awesome job! Thank you for helping me stay on track, too..

    I was in the Coach outlet today and found the same Ergo Tote I just bought with PCE for about $100 less! Needless to say, one bag is going back.

    Who'd thought I could go to the outlet and come out $100 better from a PCE purchase?

    I was very proud of myself for not buying anything (other than the tote to save the money). They had the comic book key fob for $39 (super adorable), and the patent white ergo hobo. They said they were getting more stuff in tomorrow...

    I'll be keeping my banned self occupied elsewhere!:smile:
  5. But of course. :smile:

    I bet people are tired of hearing our ban talk. I feel like such a spoilsport for people who are still buying, but I feel like if I don't post my progress, I can't participate here at all! :sad:

    Anyway, thanks Tejasmama and everyone else for the support and friendship. I love this place, even i've become a bit boring lately.

  6. Congrats on being so good! Way to go!
  7. congrats!! way to purge the stuff that you forgot about or didn't even use!
  8. Congrats on a great wallet and on doing what makes you feel good! It is very healthy to want to keep control over your spending. This forum exists so we can support each other, not judge and put each other down-whether that concerns buying or banning! :yes:
  9. that's a really cute wallet...i like that a lot!
  10. Congrats on sticking to your ban. You made out good with that wallet. Congrats!!!
  11. :yahoo:It doesn't hurt! In some ways it tickles! Congratulations and enjoy your new wallet!
  12. Love the wallet!!

    And best of luck sticking to the ban...you're a much stronger person than I am!!
  13. Congrats on being good!
  14. That is a cute wallet and congrats on staying strong with the ban!
  15. Good job. I cracked up about the credit in your husbands underwear drawer!