Happy New Year


Fashionably me :)
Jul 10, 2009
East Coaster
Its only 7:45 here on the east coast. Just enjoyed shrimp and crab legs with fiance family. Happy new years to all my fellow tpfers. What are you all doing to bring in the new year?


Dec 22, 2008
~out and about~
Happy New Year. :smile:
Well, it's 9:05 am here on the east coast of Australia and 2012 came in with a big bang. Enjoy the fireworks over Sydney harbour:

happy new year necro. let's hope 2012 will be good to us. god knows how testing 2011 was for everyone and the last few days of 2011 were a little hectic here I think the rest of the stuff we were due for were all thrown in together at the last minute to get ready for a fresh start this year.

what's your plan for the year?? I want to go back to the uk again and finish decorating my place.