Happy New Year to Everyone at tPF!

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  1. What better way is there to tote three bottles of Veuve Clicquot?
  2. A reveal!
  3. [​IMG]
    What a chic carrier for a chic beverage!
  4. Same old bag . . . just a new year.
  5. Magnifique!

    If it's made if France, it either looks good, tastes good or smells good! :greengrin:
  6. Yep! Pretty perfect! :smile: Happy New Year!

  7. Is this the new HAC (Haut au Clicquots?
  8. Happy New Year Castorny. Wishing you an orange year!
  9. :drinkup: Happy new year! Love the picture!
  10. Have a wonderful NY filled with health and happiness and lots of orange boxes:heart:
  11. Happy New Year Castorny!!!

  12. So THAT's what the huge HAC size is made for! Love your bag as always, castorny, and happy new year to you too!
  13. champagne and hermes - who could want anything more? happy new year!
  14. Wishing you a marvelous New Year filled with happiness and health!
  15. Yes, it was released on December 31st. There was only one made in the world and I was lucky enough for it to be offered to me!